About us

Wordjar partners with bright literary talent to help them share their stories and their craft with the world. In  February 2011, the first Wordjar book ‘My Love’ was published and over the years poetry collections have been the core of the literature that we put out. From early collections such as Kiri Gray’s ‘Another Point of View’, and Catherine Labiran’s ‘Ayisat’ we have published dozens of poetry books, and these works are still at the forefront of what we do today. Since those early days we have developed to  also publish novels, plays and  special  art and photography volumes.

Each and every book is an example of Wordjar’s design and production values.  We aim to create books that are as beautiful to hold as they are to read and our passion for literature and art drives this! We truly believe that books should bring life and energy to whatever space they’re in even when they aren’t actively being read.

As a publisher, Wordjar’s focus is on providing an accessible route to publishing for exemplary authors. Our product first approach ensures that our primary  focus is to work with our authors to produce a book that meets our high quality standards. Once we have a book that we are proud of, the work continues with our authors to get the book into the hands of readers via direct to consumer models and our carefully selected distribution partners.