Submit your work

We accept manuscripts from authors of poetry collections, novels, short stories, plays, art and photography collection books, with or without an agent, from anywhere in the world. 

Whether you are a new author or have been previously published, Wordjar, would like to hear from you! We have formal review meetings in the middle of each quarter (February, May, August, October) to review all submissions, however we may come back to you sooner. If we would like to discuss the development of your work further,  we’ll be in contact.

What to include in your submission?

A covering letter that includes: 

  • Your full name (and Pseudonym if applicable)
  • Your email address 
  • Details about any past writing experience 
  • An estimated word count of your complete manuscript 

A synopsis and a sample of your manuscript

  • The synopsis should be a brief overview of your book in about 500 words 
  • For novels & short stories include the first 2 chapters of your manuscript
  • For poetry collections share a few poems that show the diversity of themes in your collection
  • For photography and art books include samples of the art/photography that will be included in your collection

You can send your submissions to us by: